Training Between The Ears


I am a TBTE practitioner. Developed by Mark McCabe, Training Between The Ears (TBTE), is a system primarily for solving behavioral problems with a number of techniques that all support Mark’s primary objective of removing conflict from the dog/human relationship and training. The training focuses on changing the dog's perspective and state of mind that is actually driving the problem behaviors, as opposed to managing them with tools or obedience. It is TBTE’s goal to help a dog to be able, not just to choose not to do bad things, or to follow commands of their owners, but to get them to prefer to behave in ways that are better for their happiness, emotional and physical wellness and success in their world.  

Do you want to have your dog more involved in your everyday life? Problems with too much energy and excitement? Perhaps you are struggling with leash walking your dog? Whatever the reason TBTE has a way to help your dog feel differently about the world around him.  Get in touch and I'll help you learn to communicate with your dog in a way your dog will understand and respond to. As your Canine Life Coach it is my distinct honor to help you learn to live in harmony and understanding together. 

To learn more in depth about TBTE check out their video play list on YouTube. 

Dog Socialization

Butthead Dogs is well versed in helping you teach your dog how to appropriately socialize with other dogs. Many dogs are reactive to other dogs while on leash. However, when off leash they feel quite differently. The leash causes frustration to the dog by not allowing them to get where they want to go. In TBTE we focus on socializing in a safe slow manner that teaches dogs to recognize dog language and helps them have good experiences with other dogs. 

Canine resistant Training


A lot of my focus is in building stronger relationships between owners and dogs, both mentally and physically. We take good care of ourselves by eating right and working out. But, we don't take the same care of our four legged family. Playing and walking are good exercise but in order to truly stay in shape for quality and length of life you need to use your muscles under load. In the current state of a dog's life, most never use their muscles in this way. By not maintaining their muscle structure properly we open our dogs to injury and deterioration of muscle as they age. 

Canine Resistance Training (CRT)  is a customized strength and conditioning program available for all dogs.  It improves cardiovascular health,   provides musculoskeletal strengthening, as well building a wonderful bond between the dog/owner. In addition to those great things it also gives the dog a job and a way to build tremendous confidence in learning, that indeed, he can master this new challenge.  

I am a Certified CRT Level 1 Instructor. To learn more about CRT definitely contact me. I'd love to share more information with you about the benefits of this for you and your dog.


GRC dogsports


Do you want to have more fun with your dog and build an even stronger relationship? You may want to try your hand at GRC Dogsports. Butthead Dogs is proud to present Dogs Fit For Life (DFFL)- a GRC Dogsports Club. DFFL have all four drive events - spring pole - slat mill - weight pull - wall climb. You and your dog are required to pass a Social Responsibility (SR) test prior to competing in any of these drive events.

DFFL currently holds weekly practices on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM in Pennsauken, NJ.  We help our members train their dogs properly to pass the SR test, as well as compete in all the drive sports in which they and their dogs are interested. In order to compete in the weight pull event you will need to have properly conditioned your dog to drag work. Not a problem if you have not, as we have certified CRT help on hand.

Official GRC Dogsports Events are held at our location several times a year.  DFFL is also currently working on having judges at our location for the SR testing and the actual drive events. Until that point we will, of course, bring judges in for events as needed. Send us a message for more info on DFFL or visit our website

For more information on Canine Resistance Training (CRT) visit their website

For more information in GRC Dogsports visit their website