Our story


My name is Robin Khasse. I am the founder and head trainer of Butthead Dogs.  I started out in dog training like most trainers do - because of a problem dog.  My dog's name was Trotter. He was an awesome dog, so full of life, love and happiness. There is nothing  he wouldn't do for you. All you had to do was ask and he was instantly running over to comply.  

Before illness started changing Trotter's behavior, my pack and I had a wonderful life.  The Pit Crew - Dawkins, Trotter, Brooklyn - and I did everything together. There was rarely a moment we were not together at home or about in the community.  

Trotter started to show symptoms at about 1 year old. Thyroid disease was identified. It took about 6 months to get him stabilized on the medication. 

Great right! Wrong, I was left with a massive amount of bad learned  behavior from all of his reactivity during the 1.5 years it took 5 different vets to diagnose him. I decided to try my best to help him learn a better way and thus started my journey into dog training.

I was able to get him past all of that and had started reintegrating him back into my pack when his first ear drum burst.

For the full telling of Trotter's last day check out the blog post

Training history

My training actually started as a dog mom working hard to help her sick dog.  In dealing with all of Trotter's health issues I inadvertently caused many behavioral issues in the rest of my pack. I didn't know what I was doing  back then.  

When I realized my mistakes I left no stone unturned to help my dogs. I learned the skills I needed. Now it is my wish to help as many others as I can who may be going through similar things and not know where to turn.

Here is a history of educational seminars I have attended:

TRAINING BETWEEN THE EARS (TBTE) Ongoing training for certification with  Mark McCabe, Canine Behaviorist

  • September 2019 - 3-day L2 wokrshop in  Sykesville, MD focusing on reactivity of all types in dogs.
  • September 2019 - 3-day seminar in  Sykesville, MD  assisting with some coaching.
  • July 2019 - 3-day seminar in Colmar, PA assisting with some coaching.
  • April 2019 - 3-day immersion in  Sykesville, MD sharpening my skills in all the TBTE techniques while  learning how to deal with every day life and your dog using TBTE in real life ways.
  • April 2019 - 3-day seminar in  Sykesville, MD teaching the use of the e-collar  congruent with TBTE methods 
  • February 2019 - 1 day event in Tucson, AZ at Humane Society of Southern Arizona part of a team helping teach staff and volunteers several ways to teach the dogs a calmer way to live thus making them more adoptable.
  • February 2019 - 1 day seminar in Tucson, AZ focusing on separation anxiety.
  • February 2019 - 3-day seminar in Tucson, AZ assisting at times with coaching and demonstration.
  • January 2019 - 3-day seminar in West Berlin, NJ assisting with some coaching.
  • December 2018 - 1-day Seminar in Streetsboro, OH focusing on targeting, recalls and greeting
  • November 2018 - 2-day Seminar in Ellicott City, MD focusing in depth on dog-dog introductions and socialization - part 2
  • September 2018 -  1-day Seminar in Baltimore, MD focusing on dog-dog introductions and socialization - part 1
  • August 2018 -  1-day Seminar in Martinsburg, WV​​ - Level 2 Intensive Workshop on Perception Modification  
  • August 2018 – 3-day seminar in West Berlin, NJ 
  • April 2018 - 1-day audited private lesson in Baltimore, MD -  focusing on  leash reactivity and loose leash walking techniques.
  • April 2018 - 3-day seminar in West Berlin, NJ
  • February 2018 – 2 day seminar in Martinsburg, WV -  Level 2 Intensive Workshop on Perception Modification
  • January 2018 - 3-day seminar in West Berlin, NJ 
  • October 2017- 3-day seminar in West Berlin, NJ 
  • April 2017 - 3-day seminar in West Berlin, NJ


  • October 2018 - 3-day seminar in Union Dale, PA - " Large Field Dog Socialization Lifesaver Seminar" with Jason Vasconi of  Transform My Dog
  • July 2018 – 2-day seminar in Philadelphia, PA – “Biology of Dog Behavior” by Chad Mackin of Pack to Basics , which focused on utilizing a dog’s emotional state, what the dog sees as relevant and their basic drives to quickly reach the dog and change their behavior.
  • February 2018 – 1 day seminar in Colmar, PA – “Canine Resistance Training (CRT) Seminar” with Ashley Sculac, which focused on the Building Blocks Level 1 of CRT and how it provides biological fulfillment, mental confidence, and great team building exercise while getting and keeping your dog in top physical condition.
  • August 2017 – 3-day seminar in Philadelphia, PA – “Master the Remote Collar” with Tyler Muto of K9 Connection.
  • May 2017 – 3 one day weekend sessions in Philadelphia PA – “Be With Your Dog” with Krista Milito of The Philly Pack which focused on learning to just be with your dog and connect on at level in which the dog is interested.
  • April 2017 – 9-day immersion seminar in Arlington, TX – “9 Day Course of Canine Studies for Behavior Modification” with Nelson Hodges of Canine - Human Relationship Institute. This course focuses on methods of rehabilitation of Canines. Each student receives a “raw” dog to live with during their entire stay at the Institute. They learn to affect the dog, positively, to affect change in behavior through various learned exercises and lecture time. This course changes the understanding of the human. Covered are lessons in canine brain, language, history, motivations, means and methods of influencing behavior, proper levels of communication to the dog, and reading a dog, medical and structural components and their effects on the dog, professionalism, and many other aspects.  
  • October 2016: 2-day Seminar in Philadelphia, PA - "Advanced Socialization Solutions for Difficult Dogs" with Chad Mackin of Pack to Basics , which focused on alleviating anti-social and aggressive behavior in dogs.
  • October 2016 – 3-day seminar in West Berlin, NJ – “Relationship Building Training Seminar to Benefit Balanced Buddies Res-Q Medical Fund” with Jay Jack “Play as the Way” & George Cockrell “E-Collar”
  • June 2016 – 2-day seminar in Philadelphia, PA – “Play as the Way” with Jay Jack
  • April 2016 – 3-day seminar in Philadelphia, PA – “Relationship Based Behavior Modification Workshop” with Nelson Hodges which is an introductions to Canine History, Language, Senses, and the way dogs think and communicate. It teaches handlers new concepts of relating to their dogs in the ways that dogs inherently understand.  
  • March 2016 2-day seminar in Philadelphia, PA- “Problem Solving for Problem Behavior” with Sarah Dixon, Behavior Consultant and Program Coordinator at Instinct Dog Behavior & Training LLC. 

April 2017 - My training group with our dogs for the 9 day immersion
April 2017 - My training group with our dogs for the 9 day immersion